I woke up this morning, needing to be the pillar of strength for someone really dear to me. For many, our internal demons seem to be more vivid than we would like them to be.

This goes out to a very close being, a soul that I let down yet has always been there for me. You know I am bad with words each time we meet. I will try my hardest this time as you read this;


You ask if you will ever be missed, 

You ask if we would even notice,

You ask if its even worth it


The world has treated you unfairly, 

Shutting down its doors of dreams, leaving your so frail and lonely.

All you asked for was to be great, 

I should have heard it every time you I saw you lose weight.


You claim to be O.K,

Running your errands, always carrying the blame.

Your heart so forgiving, genuine and pure, 

Your smile so en lighting, beautiful and true


I don’t know how to soothe your pain, 

Finally hearing you, afraid of what you may choose to do.


I don’t know how to make it go away. 

Redirecting you to Him, stories you may not want to hear.


I hate seeing you like this, I wish to hold your hand and finally tell you this;

Let me fight all your battles and win, 

Let me make you rethink “This”

Let me be the pillar of strength you need,

I will carry both our crosses so you can be free…


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