If tomorrow is the future and yesterday the past, why do they seem so alike, continuous ever ending routines…

Finally allowing myself to live, to test out new water, who knows, I may finally float.

The sense of having a purpose, a will to become someone, the strength to execute. I think I love this feeling.

I always wondered why the sky was blue and grass green, why some were rich and others struggling to make ends meet. In my head, everything has a reason for being, a life goal to be achieved, but yet unknown to most, raising a feeling of desperation.

In the cold days of winter, i tuck myself behind these curtains, huddling my soul, seeking for tue answers. A way to give endless routines a dash of meaning.

Surely, life is a platform of existence and existing is having that spark of purpose as you reach the finish line.

Let tomorrow be a different yesterday with a touch of goodness and joy…

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