I woke up this morning with an angel besides me,

I woke up happy, with them all around me. 

The feeling of wanting to go on is what i felt, 

with more than just enough time left…

For those who are new to this blog, anxiety is my daily bread. Living in my shoes always felt so hard for me, forever comparing my self to the next being. Weirdly enough, I have learned to deal with it, the past week that I had been away from you, I learned something; To control the being with me.

Probably one of the toughest things I have had to do was accept that I needed help, that I am not strong after all. Yet its the acceptance of the possibility that I could be strong and that all I will make it is what brought back my smile.

Life throws thrash at you and expects you to rise above it all, 

the will to be alive is what defeats the norm,

so its the mist of it all, accept the frail broken you, smile and just be you…

2 thoughts on “Control

  1. For sure we should accept the failures.. bht failure comes to teach us. And every time we fail we learn smthg. There are problems in life, but yes we all are given this life cause we are strong enough to live it. Keep soarin’ friend and stay strong. I hope all going alright now 💕✨
    Much love ❤

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  2. So relatable. It is so empowering when we have those moments of clarity, and we can see the pain and struggle as a powerful source of strength and motivation.

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