Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Broken winged angel

Frightened to lose me he held me so tightly, unable to utter these words; stay, I need you…

Its funny how in his macho world, he can not show a sign of weakness. I have met many like him before, so fragile and kind deep within behind these high built walls enclosing their true nature. There is this thing that attracts me about broken souls; the need to be their knight in a shining armor fascinates me.

He’s different, so humble and kind yet so frail bottling his true feeling deep within. He has become like a father to me, providing me with guidance to not make the same mistakes he did. In exchange, I feel the need to be his shoulder to cry on and to allow him to be his true self his world would not bare to see.

Why is it that he can not allow himself to reveal his frail heart, to tell me how much his heart longs for me, to just utter these word; stay, I need you.

Would his world shun him for being so weak, for being human and allowing himself to feel? I guess I would never know what it is to be him, yet I am captured by the need to be there for him, this angel with broken wings…


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