Unspoken mind

The world is not ready to hear what lies behind my hollow eyes, bright blossoming smile, cheerful laughter. Holding it all in is probably my biggest strenght, bottling up what I can not bare myself to let me wear. 

Solitude is my safe zone; the fear of being misunderstood and mistaken for an attention seeker is my biggest fear. 

For those who understand her, understand how her mind is constantly in conflict with friend and foe, despair and delight, love and lust.

They all have something to say, speak meaningless words to shake the foundation she had dug up for herself. Only a handful of people she can trust.

The beauty in the realization of the everlasting love family can over you is amazing.

Self-esteem, trust, tenacity rising.

She likes to pretend to be know, displaying only a portion of her true self, that’s her favorite game.

Avoiding to be crashed and crushed, tarnished, swallowed then spat out, that’s the aim.

Embarking on a new journey once again, I welcome the change

The opportunity to explore my capabilities in a land welcoming of innovation. The world might not be so cruel after all, how strange

Opening up might be difficult, the fear of falling might surround all

I will never know until I try, like an infant becoming an adult, i will learn and crawl…



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