Campaign of life

This an explainable want to escape,

It’s a feeling I just can’t explain.

Life is not as perfect as they show in those videotapes,

Where you go to school, graduate and pouff! Gone the migraines.

Yet they seem to forget this detail everytime they campaign,

Persuading you that this system will make you better than your cousin the ape.

They forget to tell you that despair, disappointed and its bff depression will come fill your brain.

Then they want come rescue you, telling you stories of how everything will be alright,

Stories that its just a storm that will pass,

Storm shot me wounded, left me falling from great heights,

Heights of mountain of raindow, glory and candy, to this dreadful grass,

If only they had not told me all this blissful lies,

Then maybe I would have held it together and not shattered this glass.

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