The age were you finally learn to take care of yourself, the beginning of your independence. 

You are either finishing your studies due to little hurdles that came your way called life/starting your professional life in the workplace, in all this you still trying to find your feet. 

Pulled by all forces of life; telling you to do this, don’t do that, you can’t go there or dress this way. The life of a twenty-three year old seems so simple to outsiders but yet complicated to the beholder. 

Torn between paths you have to take, not really knowing who you or what to do, who to love or what to love, you take this one step at a time. 

Twenty-three; old enough to make your own decisions, longing for freedom but still a child deep within, you try to act grown because they all expect you to. “You’re not a child anymore” they telk you but forgetting that they were once Twenty-three too…

Unable to be who you truly want to be, you take all the bullets life shoots at you, gathering strenght to stand up and crawl, walk, run, fly down the path of your choice… 

Twenty… one, two… Twenty-three…

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