Inner scars

“Will it ever get better?” 

The question she thought she had found the answer to. Her dark world was clearling up, the sun was finally piercing through her stormy sky. A random day when joyed filled her heart, the wind came back to knock her down. 

Alone she stood, trying to keep her feet steady, reminiscing on her life, her head hit the ground. Laying in the pool of her own tears, the thunderstorm was back again. She questions her life again, wondering if it will ever get better…

 Num from all the pain she has felt, she doesn’t even recognized her own face, a mix of happiness and  sorrow; it showed up at the bottom of her sink this afternoon. She never thought her Angel could make her sink so low, but she was not surprised. 

Nothing awaits me either way” her constant thought as she laid on her soaked pillow, thinking of ways to end her sorrows, a way to be one with the earth again…

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