How to get out of the sink hole of depression…

Many say depression is a state of mind that people create for themselves, having being there myself, i would disagree.

Depression according to me, is a sink hole that one ends up getting into because of certain things that happens in his/her life. For me, it was caused by a build up of emotions that I bottled up inside; stress from school, work, friends and family.

Having being able to get out of the sink hole, i thought I should share a few tips that worked for me;

  1. Do not bottle up your emotions; Find one close friend to speak to, someone you trust, who has a positive influence on you and who understands you.
  2. Take time off; Learn to take time off from all the stresses of the world, for me, I would take a few minutes to think in a quiet space away from family and friends. Do this as often as you need, try to generate positive thoughts during this process.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to other; You are unique, therefore you think in your own way and excel at your own speed. Just because you know someone your age that is doing way better than you at school, life or work, doesn’t mean you a loser. Your time will come, when you least expect it.
  4. Get rid of all “friends” that do not bring any positivity to your life; True friends are people that take time to understand you and encourage you to be better. If you feel that you have friends that always make you feel insecure about yourself or continuously challenge your self-esteem and self-assurance, then its time to cut them off.
  5. Redirect your sadness; Find something to direct all your negative energy to, something that distresses you; writing, gym, swimming, drawing, whatever it maybe. Use it every-time you feel down, or feel like you about to blow up.


These are just 5 things that I did and do each time i feel like I’m entering the sink hole of depression.

If you have any other additions that worked for you, feel free to share…


“Before you see the light, you have to deal with the darkness”



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