The sun rises, her eyes wide open, huddled looking outside her window. Every morning is the same, the feeling of loneliness as she tries to fill the void deepened by her missing blankie, her comfort toy. 

He used to call her every morning this Angel, whispering in her ear as she opened her eyes, his sweet voice warmed her frail body as she smiled to the sound of his voice. Now all that’s left of his is faded memories she holds on to trying so hard to not let go. 

I love being alone yet I hate it, she thinks to herself, this feeling of emptiness makes her seek for another soul to make her feel safe again. Her only idea of marriage is the joy of not having to spend timeless nights on her own. He would hold her as she falls asleep in his arms forever, restructuring her cracked little world. 

Only twenty-three she longs for this feeling, the feeling of forever as she huddles starting at the rising sun outside her window…

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