Deep inside

No words to express the pain she feels inside, her faith hanging by a thin thread of silk as she tries so hard to not let it break. 

Crippled by this world she tucks herself in her bed, head under her bright duvet hiding from the sunlight piercing through her dark grey curtains. What’s wrong with me, she thinks to herself as tears infiltrate her pillow. 

Life to her doesn’t matter anymore, the fear of death none existent. Her only wish; to be left alone. Alone to think, to climb out of this pit. 
She stands head pounding like a window rocked back and forth by a breeze, just stands staring into space as if she could see beyond the physical. Not knowing where to go reminiscing the handful of happy thought she was able to achieve.

This world is a mean place, only the strong survive, just maybe this world ain’t for her then but the thought of leaving it just remains a thought…

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