Yet another day passes…

Living up to people’s expectations is something her mind blocks her from doing, that not me, she thinks to herself… thoughts that only she can hear. 

Another day passes by, the more helpless she feels. It’s her birthday today, the day of joy it should be, but to her, it is just another day, another year added to her existence reminding her of how pathetic her life is. 

No one hears her as she talks, they all think it is pretence and exaggeration, “snap out of it” they expect her to do. 

Another expectation she is unable to fulfill…

Her plans for the day; to be alone, left alone, a wish so difficult for them to comprehend. There is no cause to her current state or the pain she caused herself. Just sadness derived from expectations she was unable to fulfill blurring the lines between dreams and reality. 

Her mind stuck on repeat, reminding her that she’s not alone, yet she is. They care so much more about how her behavior affects their image that they don’t see the lifeless creature their expectations are making of her…

Expectations she is unable to fulfill…

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