Behind her face III

Being unable to tell who she is, she stares in the mirror. Thoughts of the future seem so vague when everything feels like a dream. She longs to wake up from this boundless dream that everyone calls reality. 

Her feeble body gasping for air as she walks to her room, drained from her daily activities… Her masks stare at her from her closet and she finally closes her eyes, hoping to escape this world she is unable to comprehend. 
Sometimes a moment of solitude is all she asks for but it this forever racing world, such is rare to find. The aches in her body get worse as the thought of being becomes a requirement. 

Unable to share her story is the burden she bears. The desert island she calls home has only a few locals, each leave to go seek greener pastures as the island self-destructs. Maybe a tourist will come by and change it all… only if the island allows…

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