The torture of sinking 

“I don’t want to wake up, can you let me sleep please”

“Can’t you see I’m not ok? Why can you not see, why do you not hear my cries?”

“Help me”  

Are the phrases a sinking soul cries out behind her solid, painless face. Behind this concrete wall, she feels her world is crashing down. 

You know what hurts the most about sinking? Is feeling helpless, wanting to be helped yet loving the pain, but how does one get out of this sink hole if it has become all one knows? 

Snap out of  it, they say. 

Yah, it’s always easier said than done…

To all the souls out there that have been drowning, I don’t know what to say;

We pretend to be strong yet we know we not ok, 

Self-diagnose ourselves, hoping knowing the cause of the pain will make everything better, 

We start to believe we just have a mental illness, coz everything keeps on getting worse instead of leading to greatness, 


You have a problem,

You should see a psych,

You toxic,

It’s always easier said than done…

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