Her mind, who is she?

Trapped in the perceptions of what a girl from a good upbringing is this fragile little soul waiting to be allowed to  show her face. 

Yes, over 1.7″she ain’t little”, they would say, but only those who have taken time to pay attention to her would know. 

Crazy being when she’s happy, yet her doleful energy is more vivid in her little nest she treasures so much. 

Wanting to be free, yes she would love that but freedom comes at a price she is afraid to pay. 

Believing she can cope on her own without all these beings who hurt her unintentionally, is a beautiful lie she tells herself. 

Afraid of failure, the future, loneliness; “how does such a frail character survive in this cruel and vicious world?” 

She believes…

Believes her soul will find peace, 

Believes there is light at the end of the tunnel, 

Believes she’s will be alright even if her world comes crushing down,

She believes…

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