Journey home

I have been thinking about how we are someone losing our “humane” nature.
Yesterday on my way to gym after work, I saw a strange old lady. She was not able to speak, probably around 70. She was well dressed, quite stylish, had a yellow handbag and a plastic bag full of objects.

One of the bus assistants helped her to get on the bus, after a few minutes she pulled a can of Fanta out of her plastic. Made gestures to the lady next to her, that she was going to the front. What seemed strange was that it seemed as if she was looking for someone to open the can for her.
Everyone on th3 bus was wondering what she was actually going to do with the can, as she returned from the front of the bus, she did not have the can anymore. Only then I realised that she gave the bus driver the can to thank him for waiting for her…

How often do you actually see someone giving a bus driver a token of appreciation? Especially not in the Rea Vaya busses in South Africa..
Made me realise that I shouldn’t feel sorry for people with disabilities, just like the old lady, she knew exactly where she was going and was kind to everyone on the bus, whether or not you were afraid of her…

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